Termite Management Systems

Termite Management Systems

Brett Edwards Pest Services install termite management systems including termite-preventing chemical perimeter barriers and termite bait systems. Servicing homes in Lake Macquarie and surrounding areas, we’re a small team of pest control experts run by Brett Edwards, a veteran pest controller with over 24 years’ experience. Brett Edwards is an ex-builder who has an extensive understanding of how termites get in and where they go.

We do a comprehensive analysis of the surrounding environment, ensuring that our termite management barriers are effective and take into account any elements of your house design that are conducive to termite populations. Our approach to termite management is different to other pest control companies in the area, and we recommend approaches that are the most cost-effective and durable for you – give us a call on 0402 609 176 to arrange a quote.

Bait vs Chemical Termite Treatment: What’s the Difference?

You might have heard of these two pest management systems before, but how do they differ? Trenched chemical treatments (often referred to as ‘barriers’ although they aren’t completely termite-proof) require a minimum of 50mm trenching below the concrete pad or surrounding soil to ensure no termites get to the interior of your home. Long-lasting bio-degradable chemicals are trenched around your home to ensure no pests are encouraged to come in. If necessary, the small, discrete holes we drilled in any concrete padding or patio can be filled in with similarly coloured grout.

Previously, trenching used to kill surrounding turf, but the modern chemicals we use today are completely safe for your garden and environmental surroundings. Chemical trenching will protect your home for 8-10 years if applied properly, with replenishment being optimal every 6-8 years.

Bait Treatment systems use a bait box filled with timber that is checked by a pest controller every few months to see if termites are feeding on it. If termites are found, an insecticide-filled piece of wood will be placed in the bait box, with the theory being that they’ll go back to the colony full of poison and kill off the colony. Bait boxes can be effective for controlling existing termite populations and preventing structural damage, but they are not always optimal because they require quarterly inspections to ensure the bait boxes are still working.

Termite Management Systems

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