Termite Inspection & Treatment

Termite Treatment & Eradication Services

Brett Edwards Pest Services provide Port Stephens, Lake Macquarie and surrounding areas with comprehensive white ant and termite treatment and eradication. As a former builder with over 24 years in the pest-control industry, Brett Edwards is aware of all the nooks and crannies that termites love to hide in, as well as where to check for evidence of structural termite damage. We believe in doing a job right the first time – please give us a call to book in any of our termite treatment and eradication services.

What Does a Termite Treatment Involve?

Before we can give quote for termite treatment services and begin treating your household, we will need to perform a thorough inspection so that we understand exactly where termites are getting in. Our inspection involves a detailed visual check for nesting areas, any wood that has contact to ground, as well as a sound inspection to get a comprehensive understanding of where termites are culminating. We’ll also look at any elements of your home that are conducive to termite populations, such as leaky hot water systems, to help advise you on what kind of termite management system would suit you post-treatment. If you decide to go to go through with our treatment quote, we’ll waive the price of the inspection.

If we’ve established that your house has termites after performing a thorough inspection, we’ll begin targeting the sources of termites, filling holes in the infested wood with termite killing dust. Termites love eating this dust, which transfers from termite to termite due to its sticky nature, and before long, the termite dust will be all over the entire colony that are attacking, and the termite population should be controlled within a fortnight.

After at least fourteen days have passed since we applied the termite dust, we’ll do a thorough check to make sure that all termites have been eliminated. Once we’ve eradicated the existing termites within your house, it’ll then be time to look at installing a termite management system, such as a chemical perimeter, around your house. We install two different types of termite management systems, trenched chemicals perimeters and bait boxes, and we’ll inform you of what kind of termite treatment system would be the most cost-effective solution for your house.

Follow-Up Termite Inspections:

Three months after we’ve put in your termite management system, we’ll provide you with a free check-up of your property to ensure termites haven’t found their way back in. From there, we recommend having a six-month follow-up visit, followed by annual visits.

Book a Termite Inspection

Get in touch to book a termite inspection and treatment for your property. Call Brett Edwards Pest Services on 0402 609 176.