Rodent Treatments

Rat and Rodent Control Lake Macquarie

Brett Edwards Pest Services provide rat, mice and other rodent control services to households in Lake Macquarie and surrounding areas. As an experienced builder before coming into the pest-control industry, Brett Edwards knows his way around a home and is aware of all the little spots that rodents like to hide themselves in. We use a solution that acts quickly, encourages rats to leave the premises before dying, and doesn’t harm pets through secondary poisoning. Please give us a call to book any of our rodent control services.

Act Fast to Eliminate Rodents:

While laying out mouse traps can certainly eliminate one or two mice that are problems, if they’ve bred behind your walls or in your roof, it can be just about impossible to remove them without professional intervention. If you’ve killed a couple of rats or mice and are still finding them throughout your house, we recommend calling us immediately. Rats and mice breed quite quickly, and if they’re running around in the nooks and crannies of your house, structural, cosmetic and electrical damage can occur.

Pet Friendly Rodent Treatment:

All the rodent killing bait that we use does not allow for secondary poisonings (i.e. where your pet bites or picks up a rodent that has eaten the bait). Although this does not prevent your pets from biting into the bait in the first place, which still is dangerous to them, we ensure that all rodent baits we lay both inside and outside the house are in areas where your pet cannot access. This means sticking bait behind fridges and in the roof.

If you have any areas where you’d like us not to lay bait out of concern for your pets, please let us know and we’ll be happy to oblige, but we can usually find spots that are both effective and too small for a cat or dog to gain access to.

Our bait makes rodents feel thirsty, and they’ll usually go outside in search of water. When they drink water, the bait will mix with the water, forming a deadly solution. The rodents will nearly always die outside, minimising the chance of a foul smell emanating from your house that can attract other pests. Sometimes, if your local rodent population is large, you’ll have rodents coming back to the house to find their mates. In such cases, a call back will be necessary to finish off the last of them. Similarly, if rodents have died inside your home after the bait treatment and you don’t feel comfortable with removing them, we can come around for another visit to remove the dead rodents and check for any that remain.

Rodent Control Services

Get in touch to discuss our Lake Macquarie rodent control services. Call Brett Edwards Pest Services on 0402 609 176.