Pre-Purchase Termite Inspection

Lake Macquarie Pre-purchase Inspections for Termites

Brett Edwards Pest Services provide Lake Macquarie pre-purchase inspections for termites and other pests. As a former builder, Brett is aware of all the nooks and crannies that termites like to situate themselves in and is extensive in his search to find termites (white ants) to ensure you aren’t hit with any hidden surprises before you purchase your property.

Our pre-purchase inspections include:

  • Check for sources of moisture and testing moisture levels
  • Using sounding device over door jams, skirting boards, timber trimmings to hear termites
  • Check of fences, trees and retaining walls for signs of entry, as well as any other wood to ground contact
  • Looking at the house slab for signs of entry
  • Checking for evidence of previous treatments

All pre-purchase inspections include comprehensive photo evidence and come with a certificate as well as a recommended treatment plan and quote, if necessary.

Importance of Moisture Checking:

Termites will thrive in areas that provide them with water and a food source. If the property you’re buying has a faulty water heater sitting over the slab edge, leaking pipes and guttering, or air-conditioners that drip onto or nearby the structure, it has increased potential for a termite population to thrive. We’ll do a comprehensive visual and meter check to determine any sources of moisture that would encourage a termite population to take hold.

Certification and Treatment Recommendations:

We’ll give you plenty of photos of any areas of concern, as well as certification and treatment or maintenance recommendations. We’re contacted by both buyers and sellers, and having certification already performed is a fantastic way to speed up the selling process for a motivated seller. Unless there’s signs of a recent trenched barrier installation, we’ll usually recommend that have you have one installed to prevent termites from coming in for the next 8-10 years. Our recommendations include a quoted price if you choose to have us carry them out.

Lake Macquarie Pre-purchase Inspections

Get in touch to book a termite pre-purchase inspection in Lake Macquarie. Call Brett Edwards Pest Services on 0402 609 176.