German Cockroach Treatments

German Cockroach Treatments

Brett Edwards Pest Services provide comprehensive German Cockroach treatments to eradicate any infestations in your home or office. We have over 24 years of experience working in the pest control industry, and with a background in building, owner and manager Brett Edwards is aware of all the different areas of a home that pests are attracted to.

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How do German Cockroaches Differ from Normal Cockroaches?

We often get asked why we have a different approach to German Cockroaches over normal cockroaches, given they’re the same type of pest. German Cockroaches have a much faster breeding cycle compared to standard cockroaches; female German Cockroaches can lay egg sacks every fortnight, which can consist of between 60 – 70 cockroach eggs. This means that German Cockroaches require a faster response to eliminate the chance of reproduction, and their approach requires a solution that will kill any existing population and sterilise the eggs, ensuring that they do not hatch. So, if you see baby cockroaches running around, call us as soon as possible.

Just like normal cockroaches, German Cockroaches will look for sources of heat, such as under your fridge, as well as hiding in pantries, so we recommend clearing out your pantry before we come around, so we can spray the inside of that. German Cockroach infections require a complete surface spray, which will also be effective on any other cockroach populations that may live in the house. Whilst we don’t offer free warranties for German Cockroach inspections, we haven’t had a call-back to houses where we’ve been able to spray the pantry.

Ongoing Cockroach Protection:

Our cockroach extermination services make use of a cockroach gel that sticks to the gut of the German Cockroach as they drag themselves along the floor before killing them. If necessary, we’ll fill in the cracks and crevices that the cockroaches may have come through with more cockroach gel to prevent any further infestations. In addition to the extra gel, we recommend refraining from keeping food out for lengthy periods and keeping opened food in containers.

Cockroach Treatments and Services

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