General Internal Pest Treatments

Internal Pest Control Services in Lake Macquarie

Brett Edwards Pest Services have been providing Lake Macquarie and surrounds with professional pest control services for over 24 years. Our treatments cover a range of different pest and we have options for both eradicating and preventing infestations. An attention to detail and thorough application of treatments ensure that your pest problem will be solved quickly and permanently. For more information about our range of pest control treatments, please get in touch on 0402 609 176.

Pests we treat include:

  • Cockroaches
  • Silverfish
  • Spiders
  • Termites

We’ll perform a thorough inspection, looking for signs of entry that can be filled, before we spray the perimeter of your walls, even behind furniture and inside your walk-in robes. Please give us a call to arrange an inspection and quote.

Spider Protection:

Some spiders can pose a dangerous threat to children and pets if left unattended to, whilst others are merely just a nuisance that we can’t stand the thought of being around. Whether you’re worried about your kids or you’ve just run across the room on to a chair after a quick fright, we’ve got you covered with effective solutions designed to eradicate indoor spiders.


We’ll lay down chemicals that make cockroaches not want to come back near your house. If you’ve got an existing population of cockroaches that seemingly came out of nowhere, or cockroaches inside your kitchen, chances are that they’re German Cockroaches. These require a different technique and need to be attended to quickly. We advise you to act fast and give us a call if this is the case to prevent further outbreak. German Cockroaches love to live in kitchens, in pantries and under fridges, and the female German Cockroach can produce an egg sack of 60-70 eggs every fortnight. When looking for cockroaches, we’ll spray under your fridge to prevent future cockroaches from coming in and looking for heat.

Pair with an Outdoor Treatment:

Spider, silverfish and cockroach infestations inside are often caused by similar infestations outside. Although it may not bother you having these creepy crawlies outside, having them eradicated can prevent further outbreaks from occurring inside your home. Ask about pairing an interior treatment with an external pest treatment one to see if an outdoor treatment would be beneficial for your property.

Lake Macquarie Pest Control Services

Get in touch to request an inspection and quote for any of our pest control services. Call Brett Edwards Pest Services on 0402 609 176.