Ant Treatments

Ant Treatments & Preventative Solutions

Brett Edwards Pest Services provide a range of different ant treatments to not only eradicate an existing infestation but to also reduce the risk of future re-infestations from occurring. Operating in the Lake Macquarie and Port Stephens area, our team have over 24 years of experience in the industry and a strong reputation for providing reliable and long-lasting ant and pest treatments.

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Treating Ant Infestations:

Ant colonies can reach population sizes of up to 500,000, making their removal difficult without professional assistance. Our solutions are applied to hit the main source of ants residing in and around your house. Ants can move quickly, and when they notice that their colony is under threat, they will relocate quickly. We’ve got a wide range of different pet-friendly solutions targeted to attack the specific species residing in your home, including bull ants, garden ants and green ants.

Ant Prevention:

After we’ve removed the army of ants that lay inside your home, we’ll seal up any minute cracks and holes that ants may have found their way through. Some ant species can burrow quite deeply, so it’s important to make sure they’re effectively prevented from getting in if they do burrow underneath your house. As ants are so widespread, it is difficult to guarantee that they won’t strike again, but we’ll look for any tiny crevices, such as through window frames, that they can get to.

Reducing ant infestations can be done at home by regularly clearing gutters, ensuring trees aren’t encroaching on your roof, and of course, cleaning up any mess immediately. The best way to prevent ants from striking back is to not leave food out for extended periods of time, and to contain any opened food.

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Lake Macquarie Ant Treatments

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